"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

Amy Simpson is a licensed psychotherapist and accredited life coach. She provides a variety of services including individual and relationship therapy and coaching. She has had specialized training in premarital, parental, preadoptive, and family therapy. Clients choose to see Amy for many different reasons, but most want help in setting and achieving both individual and relationship goals. The aim of her work with individuals is to help them to break through negative belief patterns, to act more decisively, and to set clear goals to help them create the life they want. Some typical areas of focus are:

​•  Making a life transition
•  Becoming more assertive
•  Reducing anxiety and depression
•  Improving relationships
•  Healing from trauma and loss

Her relationship work focuses on helping people find greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their interpersonal relationships. She is a trained and certified Prepare/Enrich® facilitator, which enables her to provide effective, research-driven marriage preparation, marital enrichment, parenting and adoptive/foster parenting coaching.  Her practice is not limited to individuals and couples: She can help families, too, by working with them to evaluate their circumstances, determine what is causing their concerns, and devise strategies that address those concerns.

                         AMY SIMPSON 

                                 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

                                  Life and Relationship Coach