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Do you AND YOUR PARTNER WANT TO BE EMPOWERED TO BE more effective parents while staying connected and strengthening your relationship?

ARE YOU PREPARING TO adopt or foster parent a child?

Amy offers the same assessment tool that many social workers and case managers have started to use to assess whether a couple is prepared for the many challenges of adopting or fostering a child. This assessment allows for the couple to reflect on important relationship items that are specific to adopting or fostering children. This version of Prepare/Enrich® begins with a customized online survey that can be completed in about 30 to 45 minutes. For more than 30 years, the Prepare/Enrich® program has successfully helped couples explore and strengthen their relationships with user friendly, relevant, scientifically developed relationship building tools for most phases of the relationship life cycle.

Amy will review the completed assessments and provide guidance on important relationship issues specific to adoption and foster parenting. These areas include:

Adoption/Fostering Consideration - Looks at a range of adoptive/foster issues that specialists report as being important for couples to be aware of and discuss. It measures a couple's readiness and commitment to the adoption/foster process.

Adoption/Fostering Expectations - Measures how realistic and aware each partner is about the natural challenges faced throughout the adoption/foster process.

Adoptive/Foster Parenting - Measures agreement on issues related to adopting/fostering and parenting a child while concurrently maintaining a vibrant couple relationship.

Amy understands and supports the diverse nature of adoptions, foster parenting, and families. She makes no assumptions about the marital status of a couple. She presents Prepare/Enrich content that is specifically designed for a committed couple considering adoption.

Amy is also trained in the parenting version of Prepare/Enrich®. This version is designed to help couples with parenting issues. It is especially useful if you and your partner have different parenting styles, have created a blended family, or need to improve communication with your children and your partner. The goals of the parenting version are to:

•  Explore strengths and growth areas as partners and parents

•  Strengthen communication with your partner and children

•  Identify and manage parenting stress

•  Discuss parenting styles and how you work together as a team

•  Resolve couple and parenting issues

•  Increase parenting confidence and satisfaction

The following areas are covered in the Prepare/Enrich® parenting version:

•  Parenting stress profile

•  Co-parenting or step parenting

•  Family spiritual beliefs (optional scale)

•  Family map

•  Five parenting styles - global

•  Five parenting styles - by child

•  Confidence in parenting

•  Child behavior issues checklist

•  Family communication

•  Family satisfaction

•  Relationship satisfaction by child

•  Communication satisfaction by child

In addition to discussions related to the assessment results, Amy will provide workbook exercises to help couples better understand themselves, their partner, and their parenting.

(The above information is taken from the Prepare/Enrich website:


Prepare/Enrich Package: $335 ($300 plus assessment fee of $35/couple)

Includes assessment, individual workbooks, and five 50-minute sessions.

Additional sessions may be scheduled for an additional fee.